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United States: the new generation of mothers buy diapers to store


United States: the new generation of mothers buy diapers to store

Baby Diaper MachineBaby Diaper Machine

According to the analysis of the consumer goods company TABS Analytics 2016 United States baby products market research report showed that baby products online sales nearly 10 times higher than other consumer products. The report found that sales of baby products, online sales accounted for 20%, while sales of other products, online sales account for only 2%.

TABS Kurt Jetta, Chief Executive, said sales represent the forefront of baby products, anyone who wants to succeed in the e-commerce market retailer, wisely and promotional baby items at the site, because consumers are more willing to buy such products online.

Jetta said, according to TABS 3-year survey showed that baby products online sales than any other consumer goods. The object of study for 2000 adult consumers. Study shows consumers are buying the main infant and children's products are: child seats, walkers, safety equipment, baby feeding utensils, diapers, baby formula, food and drink, children's toiletries and skin care products.

In the pre-Internet era, diapers are Toys "r" Us (offline entities brand) one of the main methods to attract consumers to its site to buy. In the 1990 of the 20th century, Wal-Mart started using diapers to attract parents to shop, but now, Wal-Mart began frequent grocery products driving consumers to shop.

TABS found that most consumers are still in-store to buy diapers, only consumers who buy online child safety products, 12% only to buy diapers online consumers 7%.

According to the research data show TABS, diapers, offline channels accounted for leading: 17% consumers Wal-Mart to buy diapers, 13% Target and Toys "r" Us and Babies "r" Us 9.7%. Consumers who purchase diapers online, 7.5% buy from Amazon, 4.4% bought from Wal-Mart.

TABS of results, Toys "r" Us, said: "we see an increase in sales of baby products online," and said it would continue to improve the user experience of online shop, making improvements to support the growth of online business and respond quickly to customer needs.


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