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Panty Liner Machine

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  • Ultra-Thin Panty Liner Machine for sale
  • Ultra-Thin Panty Liner Machine
  • Ultra-Thin Panty Liner Machine

  • Description:
  • We always name a panty liner as pantiliner, panty liner or panty shield, which is an absorbent piece of material for women use. It is worn in the gusset of a woman's panty. Ultra-thin panty liner machine produces pantiliners used to absorb daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, tampon and menstrual cup backup, spotting and urinary incontinence. As a China panty liner machinery manufacturer and supplier, Deyi produces different kinds of cross direction panty liner machines. The most typical ones are full-servo ultra-thin panty liner machinery (cross direction) and easy-open packing ultra-thin panty liner machine with grouping device (cross direction). The panty liner machine is composed of a series of equipments, such as servo, ADL splitting unit, raw material unwinding unit, embossing unit, contour sealing unit, back release paper unwinding device, final cutting unit and so on. Different production lines need to be configured with different auxiliary equipments.

  • Description

Classification of this Panty Liner Machinery:
1. According to the structure of finished products, we can classify the panty liner production line into the following two types.
(1) Ultra-thin panty liner machine
(2) Mini sanitary napkin equipment
2. According to the driving modes, it can be sorted into full-servo panty liner making machine, semi-servo panty liner line and inverter controlled panty shield production line.
3. According to the direction of products in production line, it can be divided into machine direction panty liner machine and cross direction panty liner machinery.
4. According to the packaging form of finished products, we have fast-easy packing panty liner machine, individual packing panty liner production line and straight packing panty liner machine.
5. There is a grouping device to arrange products output by groups.

Typical Equipments:
1 Full-Servo Ultra-Thin Panty Liner Machine (Cross Direction)
2.Easy-Open Packing Ultra-Thin Panty Liner Machinery With Grouping Device (Cross Direction)

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