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The global trade of sanitary napkins, diapers


The global trade of sanitary napkins, diapers

Sanitary Napkin MachineSanitary Napkin Machine

 Sanitary Napkin Machine  Baby Diaper Machine

Sanitary napkins, diapers are more important in the global industrial textile exports, and goods grew rapidly in recent years. 2013 global sanitary napkins, diapers, exports reached $ 151 14.7%; 2014 incomplete statistics are US $ 15 billion, the same statistic if by 2013, estimates will total more than $ 16.5 billion.

1. the main export countries

Under the commodity, Germany is the world's largest exporter, 2014 exports reached almost $ 2 billion, 3-year average annual growth between 5.18%. China in 2013, more than Poland as the world's second-largest exporter, 2014, totaled $ 1.5 billion, three-year average growth rate reached 14.56%, and will maintain a relatively fast growth in the future, is expected to be within 2 years China will overtake Germany as the world's largest exporter. Japan ranks fourth in the global market, but export growth is very impressive, three-year average growth rate close to 19%. Turkey has maintained a rapid growth of 10.57% in recent years.

Germany the export of such goods is the largest single market France, 2014 to France totaled 420 million dollars, Germany exports the first 10 countries in addition to Switzerland, but other EU countries, exports of these 9 EU countries Germany about 70% of the total exports.

China's exports of the commodity market is more fragmented. United States is the largest market for United States exports only accounted for 11%, the rest of the export market mainly in Asia and Africa and other developing countries and regions. These areas continues to be an important guarantee for the merchandise export growth in China.

Poland exports of the commodity market is mainly concentrated in Eastern Europe and the European Union. Russia is the biggest market, exports accounted for 15% or so, Germany and Ukraine, its second to third-largest single market.

Japan main exports of the commodity markets are China, Russia and Hong Kong S.A.R., China and Hong Kong S.A.R. market as a percentage of its total exports to 63%.

2. the major importers

United States and the United Kingdom, and Germany, and France and Russia are the world's leading importer of sanitary napkins and diapers, around 1/3 per cent of total global imports. The country of origin of such products is concentrated in Europe and North America, China's market share in these countries are lower than the 10%.


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