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The difference between diapers, Huggies


The difference between diapers, Huggies

Baby Diaper Machine

Huggies alien to many mothers, new mothers in particular, because their babies were newborns, so rarely used, but baby, may wish to select Huggies, and more conducive to growth, roll, crawl, walk, and the toilet ... ...

This gives members a Huggies diaper and differences.

Difference between diapers and Huggies-profile

Huggies diapers and most visible manifestation at the waist, an elastic, one without. And Huggies bonding in the thighs on both sides, glued in front of the lower abdomen of the diaper.

Difference between diapers and Huggies-convenience

Huggies shapes like baby little panties don't need babies lie down, do not need to adjust the waist tape position, in the course of your baby to wear. Off time tearing the waist on both sides, you can take off the entire piece. Diapers worn to also pay attention to the consistency of paste on both sides of the scale, otherwise it will wear a crooked, so diapers do take off, put on the most troublesome guy.

Difference between diapers and Huggies-features

Paper diaper and Lala pants are is anti-side leak of, but Lala pants more wins a raised of is Lala pants is training pants, applies Yu good moving baby, for example will turn, alone sat, learn climbed, learn toilet or toddler of baby, it like baby of small underwear as free convenient wear off, and toddler learn toilet not overnight of things, this during baby inevitably also is will urine wet, Lala pants can sucking go baby urine liquid, let dad mom from wash small underwear of troubles.

Diapers and Huggies is the difference-time

Slightly older small babies, higher frequency of urine, also will not go to the bathroom, you should choose diaper, a Huggies diaper's ability to absorb the urine is good, and close to the baby's butt, side leakage does not occur, is good for your baby's skin healthy.

Huggies is mainly to facilitate learning, older kids can use. Huggies is designed for naughty baby, many otsuki-age baby, changing diapers at a time when kicked, MOM is not easy, Huggies wear off does not need a baby lying in bed, with Huggies is much easier.


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