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Sanitary napkins, exposing four lies


Exposing drug sanitary napkin four lies

Sanitary Napkin MachineSanitary Napkin Machine

1 sterilize, but it caused the vulva flora disturbance

Even is in menstrual during, health of women vulva bacteria group in a mutual restricted mutual role of balance State, and medicinal health towel in the contains antibacterial components, using in the will effect vaginal of normal bacteria group number, is has may makes a species bacteria group number large reduced, promote a species bacteria group of growth, in this situation Xia, vulva road bacteria group for imbalance and damage vaginal of special environment, more easy has mold breeding of May.

Doctors pointed out that although the drug sanitary napkins that have "antibacterial, antifungal, antipruritic, relieve menstrual cramps, relieving discomfort" role, but the sanitary napkin does not recommend regular use of these drugs, because the body's own immune mechanisms, several sanitary napkins labeled the drugs is not clear, does not change for a long time can lead to bacteria multiply and cause illness.

2 cover up odors, but causes allergies

Containing flowers, peppermint scent on the market of sanitary napkins very popular, many women believe period there is an unpleasant smell, and this type of sanitary napkins was able to cover the smell, which is very convenient. In this regard, the armed police hospital of jiaxing Du Jing physicians pointed out that allergic Constitution, should be very careful in choosing sanitary napkins.

These contain spices sanitary pads, drug ingredients may cause skin allergy, menstruating women's immune system was low, many women chose not to suit your sanitary napkin, some feel the itch intolerable, and even swelling of the vulva, large areas of dermatitis, caused private allergy itch.

3 cleaning effects? increase in drug dependence

Although drug sanitary napkins to some extent to cleaning effect on the menstruating female private parts, abortion or diagnosed with a particular disease, when used, can kill harmful bacteria of the vulva, played the role of adjuvant therapy, for some women with gynecological disease, but healthy women it is not necessary.

If long-term drug use sanitary napkins, then destroys the pH balance of the vagina, resulting in dependence on drug sanitary napkins, but more vulnerable to bacteria and drug sanitary napkin carefully.

4 cure? even prevention are unlikely

Drugs drugs most of Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients contained in the sanitary napkins, some businesses exaggerated claims to have "variety of gynecological diseases prevention, adjusting the balance of yin and Yang, warming uterus, tonifying Qi and tonifying, relaxing, gynecological diseases treatment effect of 70% around. "In this regard, the experts say, herbal pads and not treatment of gynecological diseases, even preventing disease is unlikely.

According to reporter found in patients in the gynaecology clinic, 3% to 5% of the patients was caused by improper use of sanitary napkins, as diseases such as fungal vaginitis, allergic dermatitis.

Some experts believe that because herbs is through immersion into the sanitary napkins, sanitary napkin after drying ingredients rarely, even surviving some medicines, it's hard to be absorbed through the skin.

Especially in summer, and many women wearing plastic panties is not loose, breathable, gynecological disease more likely. If you regularly use drugs of sanitary towels or pads, will break the acid-base balance of private parts, sanitary napkins, cause drug dependence, reduce the role of immunization and clean of private parts themselves, but are more vulnerable to bacteria. For some women with sensitive skin, drug use sanitary napkins should pay more attention, because it may cause skin allergy, vagina itching symptoms occur.


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