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Pet Diaper Machine

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  • Pet Diaper Machine for sale
  • Pet Diaper Machine for sale
  • Pet Diaper Machine for sale
  • Pet Diaper Machine
  • Pet Diaper Machine
  • Pet Diaper Machine
  • Pet Diaper Machine

  • Description:
  • Pet diaper machine mainly produces disposable products specially used by pets. Our company is a professional pet diaper production line manufacturer. We produce various kinds of diapers, including baby diapers, adult diapers and pet diapers. We also provide plywood pallets wrapped by PE film for packaging as per customer's requirement. According to specific product structure, we usually deliver products within 6 months. For payment, you can choose T/T or L/C.

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Main Configurations

1. This diaper machine can produce pet diapers with different lengths.
2. The machine uses advanced PLC and touch screen, which makes operation more simple and convenient.
3. The fluff adopts forming drum or aggregate pulp supply unit. It can produce three types of puppy diapers (L, M, S) with a few parts changed.
4. The pet diaper production line has non-woven top sheet, back sheet, film, waistband, frontal tape and side tape feeding devices.
5. The pet diaper machine adheres to form elastic ribbon for side leakage proof.
6. Main raw materials use tension control system.
7. After the side arcs are shaped, the wings will be three-folded lengthwise. The diaper will be output in line.
8. The machine wallboard is processed by the large gantry milling machine.

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