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High-speed development in Europe, adult diaper adult diapers in China Enterprise thinking


High-speed development in Europe, adult diaper adult diapers in China Enterprise thinking

Adult Diaper Pad MachineAdult Diaper Pad Machine

In recent years, Europe and America, Japan adult diaper production and market development of products in addition to the outside should be used for incontinence in the elderly, part is also used for special purposes and occasions. According to a report, growing populations and high personal hygiene promote the rapid growth in the global market for diapers, by 2017, the diaper in the world market size is estimated at US $ 63.2 billion. Adult diaper is already quite popular in developed countries, in our country, because of the ideas, prices and other factors, the market is still not fully open.

In recent years, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, adult diapers, pad, wet wipes, pet health care products market expanded rapidly, hygienic nonwovens industry investment accelerating, involving increased number of production enterprises, led to the personal care and medical, home protection products unprecedented rapid development.

Spun-bonded non-woven fabric industry in China melt blown non-woven fabric products, have provided health materials processing enterprises spun melted non-woven fabric layer, back layer and prevent side leakage and so on material. Paper diaper, and health towel, life with paper products of upstream, is spinning melt Enterprise SS, and SSS, and SMS, and SMMS, and SSMMS, more die head equipment provides of various specifications of spinning melt composite non-weaving made cloth, and breathable film, and flow extended film, and laminated composite of spinning Mucosa, and printing composite cloth, and three anti-, and Pro-water, and antibacterial, and special soft, and elastic, function sex non-weaving made cloth, products. According to the spunbonded branch, in 2013, Eisai SS, SSS equipment required by the market as investment hot spot, currently running SS, SSS reached more than 60 articles. Plus online SMS lines that run, which has nearly 120 production hygiene, medical coil production line.

Looking at the development of adult diapers in developed countries, it can be predicted that adult diaper market in China will usher in a stage of rapid development. This is not only the coming of aging society and demands for improved quality of life, led to the development of adult diapers, and more importantly, changes in consumer attitudes and structures, the past cannot be achieved, is to become a reality.

Adult diapers have national standards in China (GB/T28004), requiring the principal permeability for adult diapers: slide amount is not greater than 30 ml, back to the amount of not more than 20 grams, leakage of less than 0.5 grams. PH value required between 4.0~8.0, water delivery is less than 10%. These basic indicators, for the production of qualified diaper diaper production provides the basis, also provides help for consumers purchasing eligible diapers. One day, in some special occasions for more convenience, diapers may be your choice.


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