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Baby Diaper Machines

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  • Diaper Pad Machine for sale
  • Diaper Pad Machine for sale
  • Diaper Pad Machine for sale
  • Diaper Pad Machine
  • Diaper Pad Machine
  • Diaper Pad Machine
  • Diaper Pad Machine

  • Description:
  • Diaper pad machine is a special machine to produce diaper pads for babies. The function of diaper pads is similar to diapers. However, diaper pads are more economic than diapers. The main parts of diaper pads are fluff pulp, SAP, surface non-woven, bottom film and leg cuff units. The structure of diaper pad is very simple and the cost is much lower. Besides, the diaper pad machine is easy to be operated. Our company as China baby diaper machine producer, we can produce different sizes of diaper pads (large, middle and small) by replacing few parts.Main motor inverter control and mechanical transmission with differential gear boxes, universal shafts &timing belt. Each working unit minimizes the shortage of gearing system so as to make the transmission smoother. All relative parts have differential devices for phase adjustment during operation. The products can be three-folded and stacked in line for output.

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Main Configurations

1. The machine has a frequency motor driving with PLC control and touch screen.
2. Frequency unwinding, auto-tension control and auto splicing are available for raw materials.
3. There are auto reject for wasted diaper, auto detect and alarm for material exhausted.
4. This baby diaper machine can adjust phase during running without stop.
5. The machine has highly stable transmission system.
6. Our machine is designed reasonably in accord with practical needs.
7. The machine wallboard is processed by the large gantry milling machine.

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