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Diaper equipment maintenance and precautions-----( 5 )


2, curved knife maintenance

Incontinence Pad Machine

(1) maintenance of principles and requirements

1) to guarantee the arc-type knives often in good technical condition, ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime, improve availability, utilization, extend machinery life, reduce operating and maintenance costs and ensure the safety, we must strengthen the maintenance work on the curved knife.

2) curved knife maintenance must be carried out "with both prevention first" principle, do regular maintenance, enforce, correct use, maintenance, and disassembly of relations, not only you would not raise, without disassembly and Assembly.

3) teams must follow the maintenance procedures, maintenance category do all types of machinery maintenance, pneumatic maintenance worker. And also note that oil pressure of hydraulic pump maintenance, without undue delay, special cases subject to factory approval deferred maintenance.

4) maintenance personnel and the maintenance department should be "three checks" (self test, interoperability, professional inspection and a transfer), constantly sum up experience in maintenance, improve the quality of maintenance and extended service life.

5) factory to supervise and inspect the track maintenance, regular or periodic checks and maintenance quality and jiangyoufalie.

(2) the implementation and supervision of maintenance work

1) mechanical maintenance insisted on promoting "clean, lubricated, fastened, corrosion" as the main content, carry out the routine maintenance and periodic maintenance system, routine maintenance will target cutters, shipping agencies, grading and maintenance spray bodies.

2) routine maintenance the equipment downtime in the process of cleaning and inspection, check that the housing is mainly hot, if grain raising the blade, blade and bottom roller for any sticky residue, lubricating roller for oil mainly by the power team, hosts monitored.

3) level and maintenance: General cleaning, tightening and lubricating operation, pneumatic and hydraulic system check completed by the host himself, the monitor checks.

4) II level maintenance: including a level maintenance of all content, to check, and adjustment for Center, keep mechanical the Assembly, and institutions, and parts has good of work performance, points cut bad adjustment, points cut raising Thorn, Council part cut bad of adjustment, upper and lower roll match running exception adjustment main by host hand, and monitor completed, host hand, and monitor completed has difficult Shi, can reported technology room, requests provides technology support.

5) Park maintenance: deactivate and storage maintenance should be carried out, mostly clean, corrosion-resistant, moisture-proof, and so on. At the end of cutting tool and apply a thin coating of oil on the roller, and wrapped the paper cutter. Remember for next time.

6) maintenance of tool to record, and to regularly submit technology and statistics, and prepare relevant information, so that records are complete and true.

Five, fourth stage of operation and maintenance

1, chip machine maintenance

(1) Insert the inlet of adjustment when the slow diaper between chip electric induction, electric lights, adjust the first synchronous leaf with electric eye position is 30 degrees.

(2) jump-adjustment when the row leaves open at the wrong angle to adjust the second synchronous leaf with electric eye position for 80-90 degrees. Chip machine electric eye position the distance pressing cylinder plate distance of 1.5-2 blades.


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