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British Minte survey: permeability is to improve the quality of diaper satisfaction key indicators


British Minte survey: permeability is to improve the quality of diaper satisfaction key indicators
T Type Baby Diaper MachineBaby Diaper Machine
With the loosening of Government policy, and generation have been married and had children, China is ushering in a new wave of baby boom, what kind of baby diapers, prospective parents must face those problems.

According to yingminte (Mintel) latest survey indicates that the last 60% (66%) Chinese mothers pay attention to product quality, followed by word of mouth (61%) reasons. 86% 's mother claimed that the permeability of satisfaction, satisfaction is the highest flexibility (91%), absorption capacity (90%) and gentle stimulation to the skin (90%), which suggests that permeability is the key to improving overall consumer satisfaction. In addition to the products of good quality and good reputation in the market, half (49%) Mother also focused on branding. 49% MOM for ease of use, 40% mother asked to carry.

This description of mother focusing on quality, reputation, permeability, branded, easy and convenient, these issues, as well as on all factors, infant diaper breathability is mother's main concern.

Baby diaper market in the future, British senior research analyst Li Yujing Minte concluded: "companies and brands can be put into the development of environmental protection and upgrading of complex products to meet consumer needs. Through the use of new technologies, such as QR code, to improve the transparency of products, but also a way to address consumer concerns about product safety.

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