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Adult Diaper Machines

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  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine for sale
  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine for sale
  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine for sale
  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine
  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine
  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine
  • Adult Diaper Pad Machine

  • Description:
  • Adult diaper pad machine is used to produce disposable diaper products used by adults. The machine has high accuracy SAP applicating device. It can be adjusted and can run stably. We also make hospital or household diapers for incontinence adults. This machine uses friendly interface. Hangzhou Deyi Technology Co.,ltd is a professional adult diaper pad machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell all kinds of diaper pad machines. Our products have gained the CE authenticate and the standard attestation of ISO9001 International Quality System with their high quality. Our adult diaper pad machines boast a good reputation on the market. We can improve our design to meet the demand for more production capacity. We use plywood pallets with plastic film for packaging and container for delivery.

  • Description
  • Specification
  • Main Configurations

1. Web guiders be equipped for high precision.
2. The adult diaper pad machines are automatically controlled by PLC.
3. We have products arrangement output device.
4. Safety device is equipped on the operation panel.
5. Constant tension control and auto splicer are available for raw material.
6. Products have two folding forms: tri-folding and bi-folding.
7. The adult diaper pad machine can be operated easily.
8. Our adult diaper pad machines have a competitive price.
9. The machine wallboard is processed by the large gantry milling machine.

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